Homeland: My latest TV obsession

homelandIt takes a lot for a TV series to grab me and make me actually want to commit to finishing it. I won’t tell you how long it took me to get to series three of Lost before giving up, but it was a hell of a long time. My problem is I’m terrible with committing to watching them weekly and I get bored waiting for the next instalment. Netflix has been a godsend for letting me watch a load of episodes in one go and because I always have so much work to do in the week, it means I can have a huge catch-up on weekends. Finally, my impatience won’t mean I miss out on all the excitement, and I might actually have a clue what people are talking about!

The last series that really hooked me was Luther – to start with, mainly because Idris Elba is gorgeous and I love the characters, but it was the gripping story lines that kept me watching all of the series. The character development over the series is brilliantly written and I absolutely love Ruth Wilson’s portrayal of Dr Alice Morgan. She is everything the dream female character should be – she’s scarily clever and completely outwits any male character who comes her way. She’s strangely beautiful and yet incredibly unique, she doesn’t conform to the normal ideas of beauty. She is in complete control and doesn’t require a man to live her life, perhaps this is why she is one of the most dangerous criminals Luther comes across, because she is the one that can’t be stopped. I just love her because she is such a different female character to all of the others in the show and it is so refreshing to see such a strong woman on TV starring alongside such a strong male. The pair have a great relationship and their chemistry is just fascinating. I love seeing Ruth Wilson in something that couldn’t be any more different than her role in Jane Eyre.luther_chars_luther_01_webSo, after running out of episodes to watch, it became very important to find something new to fill the void left by this fantastic programme. I was certain no crime series would do it so soon after watching Luther, so we went on the search for something different. After much deliberation, we decided to give Homeland a go and I’m so glad we did. After watching one episode I was hooked and desperate to watch another, we ended up ploughing through most of the first series over one weekend. I was surprised I liked Homeland so much because I had seen all the hype and adverts on TV for it and had always thought it wouldn’t be my sort of thing, that it would be too political for me. I absolutely loved it – such a ย strong cast and a great plot that had me on tenterhooks throughout each episode as the story developed further and thrust even more characters into suspicion. It was brilliant to see Claire Danes in something so different to things I have seen her in previously because she plays this role so well. I love the tensions between her and the character of Saul and the underlying story of her taking the anti-psychotic medication is one that I can’t wait to see develop.

What other TV series would you recommend? Anything other than the standard Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad would be great!

4 responses to “Homeland: My latest TV obsession

  1. Homeland is great, indeed!
    The IT Crowd (British version) is hilarious. ๐Ÿ˜€
    I also like Warehouse 13 very much.

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