I first discovered journalism as a  career in the summer before going into my final year of university, I thought it would be good to get some work experience that would benefit my CV. I applied to the local paper and impressed them so much that I was the first work experience student to be taken on in nearly 10 years. I spent a week at the paper and helped with everything from picture stories to crime, to shadowing in court and at council meetings, to joining photographers on jobs. I also managed to get the front page story that week. When I finished my week at the paper, I really felt it had been the most useful work experience I could have ever done, and the team at the paper felt the same. They asked me to start writing a weekly lifestyle column about my life as a student – this later received national recognition on Hold The Front Page, a huge journalism website 

When someone left the company unexpectedly, they asked me to work full time with them for a month before returning to university, which I was eager to do and enjoyed every second. When I finished university, I was offered a full time position as a junior reporter at the paper. I snapped up the opportunity and made myself indispensable by taking on work that was beyond what I was expected to do. As others left, I took on other roles and am now in charge of the entertainment section and the website, as well as contributing a great deal to the news section, including front page stories.

Here is a log of some of my favourite published works:

Front page stories:

Special reports:

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