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I love festivals. If you know nothing else about me, know that for a fact! Despite only going to my first non-camping festival in 2012 with a bunch of university friends, Parklife really changed my life and has led to me attending eight massive festivals, both in the UK and abroad, in the course of just two summers. I love the freedom, the creativity and the complete escapism that comes in those four days of sunshine, expression and friends. Some of my greatest memories are now from festivals and the beautiful moments I shared with amazing friends, and many of my hopes are in plans for future festivals to make yet more memories.

After the first season of festivals, my boyfriend suggested that I should start freelancing for festival websites since I was already reviewing on my blogs and for the newspaper. He thought it would be great extra experience for my CV, but also a good chance to get to go to more festivals in future. So after a lot of research, This Festival Feeling, was the one I chose to be involved with and after spending a year contributing features to the website and writing about Croatia’s Hideout Festival, I was rewarded for my hard work when the owner of the website decided to relaunch it under a new editorial team, and he asked me to be the editor.

I have now been the editor of the website for a half a season and I absolutely love it – I love having editorial freedom and being in charge of something. I love running a team of talented writers and I’m also very excited at the chance to review and work at so many festivals this summer on behalf of a company – a great way to make contacts and look at moving further into the industry.

Here are a selection of the articles I have had published through the website:

In terms of attending festivals, over the last two years I have been to:

I love writing about festivals and music events – so if you are in need of a freelance writer, or someone to cover your event – contact me using the panel on the right.

Boomtown Fair

Boomtown Fair

Hideout Festival, Croatia

Hideout Festival, Croatia

Wyndstock - A Midsummer's Country Ball

Wyndstock – A Midsummer’s Country Ball

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