Pardon me? Getting a bit deep about destiny..


My family and I always celebrate Chinese New Year with a good home-cooked Chinese meal packed full of all our tasty favourites. This is always rounded off with the traditional fortune cookies, which are always handed out by my dad. This year I was rather more intrigued than usual to see what my fortune was, after everything that has been going on and all my plans, I thought it would be interesting to see what advice I was to be given.

Now usually I don’t take much stock of what these cookies say – how could they really have any relevance to real life? But this just seems a little too close to home. After watching Serendipity for the first time last night, my head is a little too full of ideas about fate, fortune and destiny. It’s left me wondering if this is indeed a sign for how I should deal with my situation and what my next move should be. Or, it is simply a mass produced fortune that has been printed along with thousands of others in some factory and churned out to the supermarkets. There is a remarkable lack of mystery and magic about the latter and I don’t want to believe that this is what the world is reduced to in reality – I do want to believe that there is some force out there that is drawing people apart and back together – but it is sometimes hard to believe.

Sorry, I’m getting a little deep about all this and I’m starting to waffle slightly. But I’m curious – do any of you guys put any stock in things like this?

Do you believe in destiny, fate and fortune? Or is it all merely coincidence?


2 responses to “Pardon me? Getting a bit deep about destiny..

  1. I like to think ‘everything happens for a reason’. So if something rubbish happens in my life, I can make sure there’s a positive lesson from it or at least take comfort knowing the world isn’t out to get me.

    • That’s a great way to look at the world – it also helps when there doesn’t seem to be any immediate explanation for why things go wrong – the whole ‘bigger picture’ theory.. Always important to learn something as you go along and you’re right, it does help! xx

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