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What would you pack for a weekend away? #Blog4Trek


As my entry to Trek America’s incredible #Blog4Trek competition, I’d like to share with you my packing essentials for a weekend away. Anyone who knows me will know I don’t usually travel light, but after being bitten by the backpacking bug its time to start!

98 The most important things to pack when heading off on any trip is your sense of adventure and your passport – if you are surprised and have no time to pack, the only important thing is to embrace it. At the end of the day, you can (usually) buy everything you need there but you won’t have any fun without a good attitude!

98Almost as vitally important as this is remembering your camera! How else will you remember all those incredible moments in years to come? Don’t worry about these bulky professional snappers, instead, why not just use your phone? Most phones have a great camera on these days and it also means you can instantly share pics with friends back home, plus you have an alarm clock and access to live maps – always useful when exploring!

Walking in the Irish hills near Waterford

Walking in the Irish hills near Waterford

98 Don’t forget your sunglasses! No matter what your destination, these babies will always be useful for sunning yourself on the beach, skiing on sunny slopes, snoring behind on the plane or hiding a hangover on the way home.

98 A good book – no matter where you go there is bound to be some travelling or downtime and this is perfect for catching up with your fave novel.

98 When choosing your clothes – clean knickers are essential and plan your outfits ahead so you don’t over-pack. A big necklace is great for jazzing up casual outfits for an unexpected night out and a bikini is always useful.

Cruisin' in Ibiza

Cruisin’ in Ibiza

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