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Rise and shine Mr T!

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I just wanted to share my excitement with you all that this weekend will FINALLY see the end of a very long three months when my pet tortoise, Mr T, has been snoring away in his hibernation box. Bless his scaly little head, he’s been tucked away in the garage, in a box of shredded newspaper for the last seven weeks and it has felt like a lifetime! Read more about how I adopted Mr T here.

This is the start of my spring, and I’m hopeful for more sunny days and warmer temperatures so that he can start roaming around the garden again, pushing everything out of the way – even me when I’m trying to sunbathe! He’s such a funny little creature and I could watch him for hours. I’m so pleased we adopted him and I can’t wait to see him again properly – he’s such a big part of our home. This weekend last year was a heatwave and I remember me and Mr T were out in the garden sunbathing all weekend – a great way for him to wake up. So I’m hoping for the same again!

And just a little note to anyone who is thinking of taking on a tortoise as a pet – I would really recommend it because they are such low maintenance creatures, but be sure that you can deal with how long they live. Why not do what I did and adopt a rescue tortoise from the Norfolk Tortoise Club or a similar charity – you only foster the creature and if you became unable to look after it at any point you can return the tortoise which will be given a new home.

Do any of you guys have a pet tortoise?