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The great beard debate

tumblr_mvbsagkhlF1qkkn30o1_500Okay, I admit it. I have a weakness for beards. I know there are  many girls out there who cringe at the thought of a boyfriend with a beard, but for me it is all I have ever known. At 16, my boyfriend had a full beard and I swear it took a while to get used to, but then it reached the point where he shaved it and I was actually freaked out by the sight of his naked face. There’s something that seems just a little strange about seeing someone’s bare face for the first time after it’s been buried under a beard for as long as you have known them. Now we are eight years down the line and I can honestly say I have not seen him completely full shaven for nearly as long – but I prefer it that way.

e1c59865ccfb3b1ca9e19e50c0410fa6Although it took a little getting used to, now I wouldn’t ever let him shave it. Of course it is important to keep a beard well-maintained and trimmed neatly, but I think it is ridiculous to expect men to shave every day. Fair enough there are those bare-faced boys who struggle to grow a few stragglers on their chins, but I’m sorry boys, this is firmly the era of the beard. Something most of us women knew a long time ago is that beards are sexy and they do make a man sexier. Need proof? Which one of these guys do you find the most attractive?


So let’s weigh up our options. We have the option of spiky chins that leave us with stubble rash and require trimming or shaving every few days to keep up, there’s those soft, baby-faced boys who have never seen a razor or there’s the men who have shaped their beards into a part of their character and who have turned the humble facial hair into a fashion statement. I think that is what I like about beards the most – when I see a guy with a beard, I think to myself he looks quirky and interesting. Don’t get me started on moustaches.

If you, or your fella, are thinking about growing a beard – make sure you are doing it with the right principles in mind. It is important to remember that width isn’t necessarily as good as length, but at the same time you need a good volume to it. You must take care of your beard, moisturise and condition it to keep it looking good otherwise it is no better than the beard of a homeless person. It must be trimmed or shaved down regularly to keep it looking awesome. This next picture is a good guide for when your beard gets too big.


Where do you stand on the beard debate? Love them or hate them?


Why can’t men swim? And other problems with the blokes of this world…

Photo by Kerry Ritz

Photo by Kerry Ritz

Before anyone starts, this is not a rant against all the men in all the world. Just against a solid few who just seem pretty incompetent and ignorant of the rest of the human race.

It all started with the walrus in the pool at my gym. I say walrus, but I mean plural (What is the plural of walrus? Walruses? Walrusi?). I’m getting pretty sick of the older men at my gym who launch themselves in the swimming pool, which is pretty small to start with, and start swimming furiously up and down like their lives depend on it and as though no-one else is there. It is ridiculous! I feel like Moses is parting the Red Sea next to me and I’m being washed over Egypt in the swell! It just shows how unaware they are of the small person next to them who is sticking to a dainty breaststroke so as not to slap them in the face with a huge wave every time they come up for air. I was especially unimpressed when one chap came up for air and turned in my direction to pant all over me – gross.

Then there was the chump who thought it was a great idea to send pervy messages on Facebook, ending with a picture of his nether parts – why?! Completely unfounded, unrequited and unnecessary! I had never spoken to the guy before, never met him before and he didn’t even live in the same country, yet felt it was appropriate to ask for sexual favours and display his winky on the screen. And a shrimpy winky it was. Just embarrassing really, but not much different from the idiots who smack girls on the arse on a night out, or the ‘lads’ who make suggestive comments when we are minding our own business. Do they really think you are going to turn around and say “Oh god, I just can’t resist, take me now!”?!

And we mustn’t forget the drunks or the ket-heads who rail around the clubs and festivals making a scene, causing fights and ruining people’s nights. How many of us have accidentally been in the way when a fight kicks off in the street and have been the one to end up with a cut eye or a bumped head? The idiots who decide to stub a fag out on someone’s jacket or shoulder, or the ones who blow smoke in others’ faces. And of course, we cannot forget the complete scumbags I witnessed pissing all over festival-goers’ feet as they danced in a tent at V Festival and laughing about it! Just why?!

There are the usual dipsticks who decide that asking for directions is beneath them or that it is just silly and that they can figure out their own way. They even refuse to listen to the sat-nav lady leading to a 25-mile detour around the M25! Definitely what you want when you’ve got a three hour drive ahead of you and you’ve already been on the road for hours. And one of my favourites is the fools who say they can’t wrap presents, the ones who use foil or don’t even bother to use Sellotape. There really isn’t an excuse, it  is very simple to fold a bit of paper and tape it down. It doesn’t look big, clever or funny to not bother – it simply looks lazy and selfish that you haven’t made the effort for the people who love and support you all year long.

Just a little something I had to get off my chest after seeing some pretty silly men making fools of themselves lately – don’t be fooled, it’s no sexist post when I’ve witnessed every single one of these. And I know that women have just as many faults, but these just seem so senseless and selfish and to demonstrate a lack of respect for others around them. I am glad to say I know that most men are not like this and that my life is filled with great men, both family and friends, but it seems a shame there are quite so many fools out there letting the rest down.

Get the men in your life all wrapped up this Christmas

It seems from all the Twitter chat between the FBL bloggers that some of us are very disorganised this year with several presents still left to buy, but the people we seem to be struggling with the most are the blokes! Whether it is dad, uncle, Grandad or the boyfriend, we are all looking for that perfect gift to no avail. Luckily, I seem to be on top of things, despite feeling completely disorganised, and have actually found the men in my life easier to shop for, possibly for the first time ever! So, I thought, so help out my fellow bloggers, I would create a post with all of my festive gift ideas for the men in my life in the hope it will inspire you to treat the men in yours. Hope it helps!


Let’s start with the oldest and work our way down. I never really seem to struggle to find anything for my Grandad, in his 70’s, he makes it clear to us from the start – he wants stuff that he can eat, drink, listen to or read. Simple as. I see my Grandad every Sunday and we always have a chat about Strictly, music, what’s on TV – he loves An Idiot Abroad – or we just set the world to rights. He always wants to know about what book I am reading and although we don’t have the same tastes – I like political and dystopian fiction while he likes something a bit more feel-good – it’s always interesting to compare. One thing we have bought him for several years now, each time there is a new one out, is the Dreamboats and Petticoats CDs of all the old tunes that he loved when he was my age – he loves all this nostalgic stuff and how could he not? The music was fabulous then and I have to say I also enjoy it. So when I spotted that the musical show of Dreamboats and Petticoats was coming to King’s Lynn Corn Exchange in March, I jumped at the opportunity to get him tickets for Christmas. I know he’ll love it and he’ll be totally surprised. It is a shame it is not for a couple of months, but I’ll get him something tasty to enjoy on Christmas Day.


Next in line is my Dad, who is always a nightmare to buy for. I’ve ended up getting so fed up with him in the past for not even giving us any ideas that I’ve just ended up having to buy him anything so he just had a gift. I’ve since had words with him and told him he has to come up with ideas each year because I like to get people things they really want and will use, even if it means it may take some of the surprise out of what you are getting. This year, I have bought him a lovely, big, snuggly jumper with a fairisle print from Marks and Spencers which will keep him nice and warm when we go out for the traditional Christmas Day walk to go and see the Royals at Sandringham, or the swimmers at Hunstanton. I’ve also got him a rucksack to take on holiday, my mum and him like to go on exploring holidays, whether discovering hidden beaches or walking around a city looking at the sights, but my dad was looking for a bag he could carry around all day without it hurting his back to carry things like sun cream and water bottles, maps and books as they explore. He really wanted one in green but couldn’t find it where we live, but I managed to find one online so I think he’ll be happy.


Finally, Mark, my boyfriend of nearly seven years, is always very easy to buy for. He always gets such amazing presents for me, and I try to do the same because it’s worth every penny and bit of effort to see the smile on his face when he opens it. Luckily, he has similar tastes and interests to me, so for both of us, it simplifies buying things if you know the other person will love it. For example, he has bought me festival/gig tickets in the past and I have bought him an iPod, clothes and kitchen gadgets because he loves to cook. This year, we have placed a limit on our spending at £100 because we both know we can go over the top for each other and neither of us have much money. So far, I have spent just under half that amount on buying him a brand new ‘Lone Wolf’ jumper from an amazing, edgy brand. I may have to explain this – my boyfriend’s last name is Wolverson and to his friends, and everyone really, he is known as Wolfie, so it has become a running thing for us to try to find him cool wolf t-shirts and jumpers. He hasn’t had one for a while and he never really treats himself to new clothes, so I thought this would be a lovely present for him. I have yet to buy them, but I am also planning to buy him some Converse, but will probably wait until we go to Norwich to see his dad’s side of the family the weekend after Christmas so he can try them on and choose the colour. Finally, I am going to treat him to a really nice granite chopping board for the kitchen of his new house. He has just moved in and has yet to furnish the house as he would like it.

And that’s everyone! I really hope my ideas help you to score any last-minute presents and that none of these guys look on my blog in the next week or they will read what they have in their stocking! And if any of our friends happen to look at this and tells him what he’s getting for Christmas – you feel extreme pain on Christmas Day!!! Now I better dash off and stock up on wrapping paper.

Merry Christmas!