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‘I’m a child of sun and the stars I love’

On a bit of a music hype this week and this song is absolutely beautiful. It’s haunting but hopeful lyrics give me goosebumps and I can just imagine how incredible it would sound live in an open-air venue or at a festival. Powerful. It really suits my melancholy mood this week. I don’t know why I’m feeling like this, not down as such, but have been thinking a lot this week and making some decisions about the future..

I love the lyrics so much, here they are.. enjoy xx

Come down love
Berlin in the cold
All that fighting, all that snow

Sober nights
and byron on my mind
Tell me I’m not going home
and I’ll stop waiting by the phone

Bedroom floor
and silence in my blood
Sorry love I’m running home
I’m a child of sun and the stars I love