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Neknomination: Taking the negatives and spinning the positive

The other night on Twitter, I was expressing my outrage and disgust over this stupid fad – Neknomination. I was astonished to hear about it all and to realise that so many people, and so many that I know, were taking part and thinking they were clever or ‘total lads’ for taking part. Really? Even laying aside the fact that people have died as a result of this stupid binge drinking – when has necking a pint of spirits ever been cool? I’ve been to university, I’ve partied hard, but even at 18 I never thought that chugging a pint of whiskey was something I wanted to do or that it would be worth it for some kind of ‘status’.

I find it sad that we live in a society where adults, who I believed were intelligent individuals who would not be interested in something like this, are necking pints of spirits and nominating others to do the same. Peer pressure? It’s just embarrassing and at least some of the people I have seen taking part should know better.

So, when bitching about it on Twitter (and being met with a similar response from other Tweeters), I was shocked to receive a tweet telling me to watch one of the videos associated with this – with promises it would change my view of the whole stupid fad. I was sceptical but watched it anyway, and thank goodness I did! Watch the video at the top and you’ll understand why it brought a tear to my eye. I was just so astonished that someone had been motivated and wise enough to take the fame and the name of something so negative and to turn it into an incredible positive by using it to raise awareness of a social problem and how we can help to fix it.

It’s things like this that really help to change your view of the world, and hopefully this video will work to shame the losers out there who have taken part in this stupid challenge while doing some good elsewhere. Kudos to the guy who made this video and to the message he sent by doing so.

Have you guys spotted any other amazing videos that have renewed your faith in mankind and that might bring a tear to my eye? Please share the links below!