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The day a special sausage was slapped down on my desk.. literally

So today I received possibly the nicest gift I have ever had as thanks for a story I have written. To be fair, past contenders were potted herbs and a few books and CDs, but this time I was given something edible! After writing a story about three butchers who are taking part in Movember and are launching a special sausage called the Johnson Flyer to raise money, I jokingly said to the manager that I would have to pop by and get some of the special sausages. The next day, one of the photographers slapped them down on my desk as a thanks from the butchers! So kind. They are flavoured with black pepper and sage and I am looking forward to trying them in sandwiches for lunch tomorrow.

To the butcher, who I have also thanked in person, and to others out there – it is truly lovely when you do a job like mine to be thanked for helping to ease people’s situations, publicise events and so on. So few people actually say thank you these days that it means so much more when you do hear it. The world would be a much better place if people remembered how much little words like please and thank you are worth. So, thanks for reading and please come again!