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Blowing the trumpet for boxercise

Last night, I braved the cold and headed to a boxercise class all by myself. I’ve tried it once before and loved how it was a full body workout that left me a wobbly mess with jelly legs after. But the friends that came with me weren’t as keen and decided not to go back which put me off. But I’ve spent so long waiting for friends to get together for classes or to organise things like this that I finally gave up and took matters into my own hands. Plus I figured that if I’m not with my mates, less time will be spent gossiping which means more time to throw punches!

Well, I absolutely loved the class. It was for ladies only and luckily for me it was an unusually small class which meant I had a chance to chat with the instructor and really try all of the exercises. This session was spent working on different stations for four minutes apiece doing exercises like lunges, crunches, press ups, then variations of punches, squats and the rest. It was great and gave each part of your body a great workout until you started to feel like a jellied mess, then you promptly moved on to the next station.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to tag along on the last two classes of this 10-week programme, and then can pick it up again in the new year by signing up for a block of 10 sessions. It will be great to work out in a different way to my usual gym sessions and swimming, and will help build more muscle/tone up different bits. It will also be nice to have the commitment of going to a class, and doing something by myself. Plus it’s lost of fun and great stress relief to punch things while listening to the Vengaboys! Definitely planning on going back, and would recommend this to anyone who wants to burn some serious calories, likes to feel as though they have really worked hard and enjoys the atmosphere of a class rather than solo workouts.

Looking forward to getting back on Boxercise again tonight!

I’ve never been able to stand girls who just want to be skinny, I’m all about the toned look and strength building. My proudest moment in my gym was being the first female to stack the leg press and although others can just barely do it now, I have status at the gym because I am known for this. I am that girl that the blokes refer to as a ‘chick with a dick’ because they are jealous that they can’t keep up. I storm every bloke in the gym when it comes to ab work and I love every second.

Workouts are a huge part of my life and I’m always looking for new inspiration and new exercises to try. Unfortunately, I am always struggling to find someone who will go to classes with me! I work out at my gym at least three times a week, a mixture of cardio, swimming and weights with plenty of ab work. I have previously joined pilates, bokwa, powerhooping and pole dancing classes – all of which I enjoyed but had to leave for various reasons, the main ones being the classes became too easy and I didn’t feel like I was getting the workout I needed, and my friends just didn’t want to continue.

I dragged two friends along to boxercise with me once before but the combination of a creepy male tutor and high level of activity put them both off, even though it was the best full body workout I had taken part in for a while. I really enjoyed it and my whole body was in agony the next day. I really wanted to go back, but part of my love of exercise classes is the social side which lacks slightly if my mates don’t want to come along.

But I’ve given up waiting around for people to commit to classes, I just want to try something new, so I’m going along to test out a new ladies boxercise class tonight to see if I want to join the next round of classes in the new year. I’m really excited and can’t wait to really push myself. I’m just hoping that it does what I’m hoping and that I like the class so I can continue next year and do something all by myself. I’m planning on hitting the cheese boards and Christmas cake hard this festive period so it will be good to hit it hard in the new year, shed the excess pounds and build up some muscle ready for another summer on the beach!

What other exercise classes would people recommend? I would love to try some crazy ones such as the bikram yoga and others that are offered in the cities but unfortunately don’t make it to my small town..