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Fallen princesses get a reality check

Image by Dina Goldstein

Spotted this link on Twitter yesterday and just had to share it with you guys. Some of you may already have come across these inverted versions of some of our most loved fairy tales and children’s stories. I was fascinated to discovered them just a day after seeing Lily Allen’s new music video and posting about how important it was that someone was bringing reality back into the view of young women.

After decades of children being subjected to Disney versions of our fairy tales with polished stories, beautiful and physically ‘perfect’ characters and happily ever afters. Finally, someone is redrawing these tales with a healthy dose of reality by including what would potentially have happened to these women had they existed in the real world.

As a total Disney fan, I essentially think there is no real problem with Disney films/stories, it’s nice to read a little fiction, no matter how unrealistic. And it’s nice to be given the hope of a happy ending, but it is interesting to see the different outcomes for each of the Disney princesses.

Check out the images here

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