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The power of the blogger

Picture by Mike Licht

Picture by Mike Licht

As still a relative newbie to the blogging world, it is easy to underestimate your worth and your power as a writer. When your blogging is merely a hobby and not a career or money-making venture, it can be easy to forget that others are reading the words your produce and sometimes placing great importance on them. It is important for all bloggers to remember that every word they type and publish is something that will be read by people across the globe, whether it is something that is a private diary, or a huge site that you aim to share. Either way, as writers we must take care.

With great power comes great responsibility. Voltaire

I have not noticed many bloggers out there who forget this, in fact, most seem to be very careful about what they post, but I did spot one not too long ago who appeared to be endorsing the use of juice-only diets as a good way to lose weight – this is ludicrous and terribly unhealthy. This is such a good example of the responsibility that comes with publishing your own work – there is no-one there to proofread or copy check it so the responsibility falls upon the writer. Every time you publish, it is important to remember that anyone could be reading your blog – even an impressionable teen who hates their body and is desperate to lose weight. The blogger mentioned previously could have contributed to someone’s eating disorder by backing a product that could be used to dangerously limit weight. This is obviously just one example of the power of publishing.

As a full-time journalist, this is something I have learnt all too well after having a couple of early slip-ups that caused readers to complain where simple mistakes had been make – it was a lack of training and unfortunately hadn’t been picked up by my editors before they went to print. Luckily nothing that caused any huge problems, but it makes you very aware of how careful you must be in terms of the law when speaking about products, companies or individuals. It would be good for any blogger out there to look into the laws surrounding defamation and libel to help protect themselves.

This is not just a warning to bloggers of the care they must take when constructing a post, it actually started out as a celebration of the power we wield in our fingers when we sit down to type. Bloggers, as a steadily growing community, now hold immense power when it comes to brands, advertising and the sale of products. Just look at those bloggers whose YouTube videos advertising products cost advertisers thousands and reach out to audiences of thousands. And what about those bloggers who have hundreds of thousands visiting their sites every day to pick up fashion and beauty tips, or find out the latest book review? All of these bloggers are reaching out to massive audiences on a daily basis and this is what makes the words that they publish so important. The size of their audience determines the value of their posts to advertisers and merchandisers.

When you add in the hundreds following your own blog, plus all your Facebook friends and Twitter followers, without even going further afield to other social media, you could be reaching thousands instantly with your review of the latest beauty product/fashion item/book/theatre show/gig whatever you write about. This is positive or negative advertising that the advertisers cannot control which gives the bloggers the power.

I saw the power of this recently when I was struggling with my mobile phone company and found that despite phone calls explaining what I was after (reducing my contract) that they kept trying to sell me on to a more expensive one – they refused to listen to me. Despite multiple conversations that all went the same way, them failing to come back to me with a solution and complaints expressing this, I got nowhere. I then went to another company and was instantly given a better option. When I tweeted and posted on my blog about the incident, I instantly had a response and several grovelling tweets asking how they could help me or fix my situation. It just shows you that certain companies are not bothered about customers service or bad treatment until it goes public and the fact that this was going out to hundreds of people scared them.

So, there you go. You’re more powerful than you think. Whether you’ve got one follower or 300,000, your voice is reaching someone and that person will be taking something away from what you write – you just have to remember that when lowering your fingers to the keyboard. Use this power responsibly and be sure to protect yourself.

Picture by Mike Licht

Picture by Mike Licht

I get by with a little help from my blogging buddies

I just wanted to write a post to thank everyone in the blogging world for their kindness and support over the last few months since I set up my little world on here. I’ve only been blogging for around four months now and have had such wonderful comments, advice and even an award since I started, which I am really proud of. But it would not have happened if it wasn’t for all my wonderful readers, and to all the others who have visited my blog, liked or shared their thoughts on my posts and those who have shared my posts with other friends.

I didn’t really know what to expect with the blogging world, I had already been blogging for a few years, but less of my own thoughtful posts and more pictures and pieces of work, so there was less feedback and less way of keeping track of my readers. This lack of feedback is what I had been missing, but it was also something to be unsure of – I wasn’t sure whether the blogging world would be a nice place or whether other bloggers might be judging me on my naivety or inexperience.

Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Everyone has been so kind, and so supportive every since I started. I have had lots of lovely people giving me advice, particularly members of the EA Bloggers and others with more experience, and some other blogging buddies have been lovely enough to share my blog with their friends and colleagues. I have also had some very insightful comments from other bloggers on the topics of my posts, on my career and much more, which have really helped me get an idea of what sort of posts I should focus on in the future.

The most important thing to say here is that I really enjoy blogging. I love having a space for all my thoughts and ideas where people can read and respond to them, and I really love that everyone has been so accepting and welcoming. It astonishes me that bloggers, who write in a world that is highly competitive with so many of us out there, can be so generous with their time, experience and knowledge to use newcomers. It astonishes me even more so because I have experienced so many people out in the big, wide, world who are less accepting and encouraging.

I saw, for the first time, the other day, the first evidence of ‘beef’ between bloggers, with one showing hints of jealousy over another’s popularity. It’s not big and it’s not clever and they soon cleared it up – but I was so impressed that this was the first in four whole months, when I see nastiness in others before my very eyes most days. This is just a thanks from me to the blogging world for being so great and a plea to keep up the good work – blogging is such a worthwhile experience and introducing others to it is such a wonderful gift. I hope to share it with many other future bloggers.

Got that top blogger feeling…

Just a cheeky little post to ask you to all check out my new page dedicated to thanking the lovely Anna Roberts for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award! I was thrilled to say the least after only blogging for a few months, and you can read all about this, plus check out my nominations by clicking on the link below.





Communicating with the big, wide world

I’m thrilled to announce that within just a few weeks of blogging on WordPress, I already have 40 followers and have had countless visitors to my site and likes on my posts. It’s really encouraging to see that my writing and opinions are being heard and appreciated by so many people from all over the world. And I really love that WordPress offers the stats pages to show you exactly where your readers are accessing your blog from, I appear to have a lot of UK and US readers, but have even had some from Bangladesh checking out my pieces.

This morning I also reached my 5,000th Tweet which went out to nearly 400 followers on my Twitter account who are spread across the country and the globe. It is great to know my opinions and comments are going out to people in my industry and to friends at the same time, and that I can instantly share my work with the world.

On my original blog, which I now use more are a photo-diary and a log of my work at the paper, I am sharing my writing with around 300 followers on Tumblr. Although Tumblr is good for the immediate sharing of pictures and thoughts, I find that WordPress offers more of a considered approach to blogging when one puts rather more time and effort into constructing a post and decorating it for readers.

Adding my Instagram to the mix, I am sharing my regular uploads with nearly 160 followers, documenting my movements whether journalism, music or blogging-related. I also find Instagram a perfect way to edit my photos and share them on my blogs. Finally, on Facebook I have 941 friends who get all my updates relating to blogging, writing for the newspaper, editing for This Festival Feeling and living life. This is a fantastic amount of people that I am reaching on a daily basis and who are accessing my posts and work. I considered making a page for myself as a writer, but didn’t want to limit my posts to people who have liked my page because I know how easy it is to lose followers that way. Plus it makes it more personal to be a ‘friend’.

Overall, I am reaching more than 1,800 people daily through my blogs, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts – when writing for The Lynn News and This Festival Feeling, and displaying on the websites, I am reaching thousands more.

This is an amazing feeling and it astonishes me to have collated these figures and get a real picture of how many people I am in touch with. You should try it, technology really has brought the world closer together! Click on the links to follow each of my accounts and get a slightly different picture from each!


Promotion: It’s official!

Finally, after a few weeks of waiting for final confirmation, it’s happened!

I have been asked to be the new Editor and lead the new editorial team for This Festival Feeling, a website for which I have already been submitting work for over the past year. (see Festivals Page)

I was first inspired to start contributing to the website at the suggestion of my boyfriend who thought it might be a good way of expanding my writing, getting more experience, and of course, getting some free festival tickets!

It worked in our favour in every possible way – I really enjoyed contributing articles each month to the website and it was great to write in a more informal way in comparison to my entertainment section for the newspaper. We also managed to get press tickets to Hideout Festival in Croatia and I had the opportunity to write both a preview and review of the festival.

It was an amazing experience, and one I would thoroughly recommend to any aspiring writers or journalists out there who love music and festivals and want to gain extra experience and a reference for future jobs. You are welcome to contribute as many articles as you want – I gave far more than was required of me because I enjoyed writing them – but with a minimum of one per month (this increases depending on the number of festivals you are covering).

Now, within the space of a year, I have been asked to become the editor of the website and lead a new team in the running of the website for the next year. It is a great privilege and although unpaid, it will more than make up for that in festival tickets, experience and on my CV.

I couldn’t believe it when I was asked, I never expected to be considered for the editor or deputy editor’s role, but I am absolutely thrilled to pieces. I can’t believe what luck this is and how incredibly good it will look on my CV to future employers.

Plus it will offer me a new range of experience in entertainment writing and a chance to work as an editor, so I will see both the editing and reporting side of journalism.

I’m so pleased to finally be able to share this news and I hope that my followers will also become avid readers of the site and my work. If any of you writers are interested in contributing to the website, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will see what work we have available for you.

Part 1: A busy summer touring round as many festivals as possible – Wyndstock and Hideout Festival

Now that the summer is clearly drawing to a close, I’ve spent the last week huddled under an umbrella with soggy feet in my sad-looking ballet pumps, shivering despite wearing several layers and the token pashmina has come out of storage. I find myself reminiscing and feeling pretty happy with the way I spent my summer, after a short holiday in Croatia for a music festival, forgoing my usual two-week break abroad, I spent the rest of the summer touring around music festivals across the UK and for once getting to make the most of the beautiful, if late, summer we have had in the UK.

After discovering music festivals last year when I went to Manchester’s Parklife Weekender with my university friends, they ignited something in me that although already aware of, had never really unleashed before now. My love of music, dancing and meeting all types of new people from across the country was perfectly suited to the lifestyle and I had no choice but to further indulge when I went along to Glade Festival and Zoo Project Festival – all attracting very different crowds, from the chavvier types to the laid back hippies, I had a fantastic time at all and quickly decided that 2013 would be my festival summer.

Thankfully, my friends, family and jobs all helped to make this happen and despite going to five festivals this summer, I actually only paid for one set of tickets – top blagger, I know.

It all started at Wyndstock, a new addition to the scene which is marketed as the anti-festival. Set up by Victor Wynd as a party for his friends and like-minded individuals to enjoy a Midsummer Ball in the beautiful setting of Houghton Hall, in my home town, the event is for the more upmarket festival-goer. There was dancing, feasting, fireworks, literature talks, petting of prize bulls, a “fox hunt”, falconry, puppet theatre, lawn games, tours of the stately home, jazz, storytelling and stargazing amongst many more amazing activities. My favourite was the swing-dancing lessons and competition, which my boyfriend won and was very proud about. I love anything vintage-inspired and Gatsby-esque and this was an amazing opportunity to get very glammed up and go to a banquet of lobster and venison before partying the night away with some amazing people.

Before the hunt, meeting the horses and hounds..

Glammed up for the banquet and a night of dancing..

Meeting the host for the evening, Victor Wynd himself…

Our swing-dancing teachers shared dinner with us..

Mark winning the swing-dancing competition..

All in all, a very fun festival with amazing benefits such as being a small and intimate affair, and very posh toilets and showers!

Then we boarded a plane to the Island of Pag in Croatia for Hideout Festival which was very much a festival for the beautiful people – everyone had amazing bodies and the perfect tan. But I wasn’t bothered about all of that, we had a team of friends with us and more meeting us out there for one thing only – to dance until the sun came up every day. 

There were a lot of amazing DJs coming along to play the festival and I was very excited to see a whole range of them including Julio Bashmore, Chase and Status, Skream and Benga, David Rodigan, Rudimental, Seth Troxler, Andy C, Pendulum, Redlight, B-Traits and many, many more… Here are some of my snaps:

Sunset on the first day in Croatia.. such a beautiful country!

Packed out stages…

The King’s Lynn crew ready to rave until dawn..

David Rodigan – one of my favourite sets of the whole week!

Raving is even more fun when you do it with some of your best friends…

Chase and Status were pretty intense…

Boat party with Midland, MK and Julio Bashmore playing… so nice to get away from the festival for a short time..

And sadly, ending with Rudimental, who only gave a rubbish DJ set rather than a full show – such a disappointment!

I wrote about my experiences at Hideout Festival in a preview and review for This Festival Feeling in exchange for press tickets.

Check out my next posts for the rest of my experiences…

Networking: Making new friends at the #EABloggerParty

On Friday night I headed to the beautiful city of Norwich in the rain with two photographer friends and a fellow blogger to the first East Anglia Bloggers Party, organised by the fabulous and lovely Gemma Seager – the woman behind Retrochick.

(From left, Mike Chivers of Rebel Heart Photography, myself, Victoria Arndt of Faerie Wishes and Emily Nichols, another photographer)

Gemma had organised the cocktail party as a chance for bloggers and creative types to meet in person instead of just online and it was a great way of developing a community between Norfolk writers.

Here I am hobnobbing with some of the fabulous writers I met at the party (pics courtesy of Rebel Heart Photography) over some gorgeous 241 cocktails – my favourite was the Freak Friday, although I rather enjoyed a raspberry Bellini as well!

_RHP5241_8789 _RHP5247_8795



It was a really lovely party, Gemma had gone to so much effort in organising goody bags, a raffle and tights competition, and I meet some lovely women. It was refreshing to go into a room of women with such a wonderful atmosphere, everyone just wanted to make friends and hear about your work. Talking about what I do also made me realise the value of all my work by seeing it through other people’s eyes. It is very easy to forget or underestimate yourself when you don’t take a step back to put all your work into perspective.

It was also fantastic to finally meet the woman behind Retro Chick – one of my favourite blogs and Gemma is such an inspiration for turning her passion for writing and all things vintage into a career – when she couldn’t find the job she wanted, she created it.

I’m really looking forward to the next gathering and keeping in contact with the bloggers I met.

For the tights competition, we had to choose a pair to take home and wear, then getting a picture of ourselves and posting them on our blogs to stand a chance of winning a hamper. Here’s my offering – and I love the tights I ended up with – gorgeous lace print!

The tights are by Pamela Mann – http://www.tightsplease.co.uk/brands/pamela-mann/


Networking: I’m off to a party this weekend


Have been invited to this event on Friday and I’m really looking forward to it. Am car-sharing with a group of fellow-Lynners who are a mixture of bloggers, photographers and event organisers so it’s a good group made up of talented individuals. I’m excited to meet the organiser of the event, a fellow blogger who calls herself Retro Chick, and anyone else who might be going along. I had better choose a fabulous outfit to wear and use the opportunity to meet as many people as possible! Will blog all about it when I am home.