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The great beard debate

tumblr_mvbsagkhlF1qkkn30o1_500Okay, I admit it. I have a weakness for beards. I know there are ┬ámany girls out there who cringe at the thought of a boyfriend with a beard, but for me it is all I have ever known. At 16, my boyfriend had a full beard and I swear it took a while to get used to, but then it reached the point where he shaved it and I was actually freaked out by the sight of his naked face. There’s something that seems just a little strange about seeing someone’s bare face for the first time after it’s been buried under a beard for as long as you have known them. Now we are eight years down the line and I can honestly say I have not seen him completely full shaven for nearly as long – but I prefer it that way.

e1c59865ccfb3b1ca9e19e50c0410fa6Although it took a little getting used to, now I wouldn’t ever let him shave it. Of course it is important to keep a beard well-maintained and trimmed neatly, but I think it is ridiculous to expect men to shave every day. Fair enough there are those bare-faced boys who struggle to grow a few stragglers on their chins, but I’m sorry boys, this is firmly the era of the beard. Something most of us women knew a long time ago is that beards are sexy and they do make a man sexier. Need proof? Which one of these guys do you find the most attractive?


So let’s weigh up our options. We have the option of spiky chins that leave us with stubble rash and require trimming or shaving every few days to keep up, there’s those soft, baby-faced boys who have never seen a razor or there’s the men who have shaped their beards into a part of their character and who have turned the humble facial hair into a fashion statement. I think that is what I like about beards the most – when I see a guy with a beard, I think to myself he looks quirky and interesting. Don’t get me started on moustaches.

If you, or your fella, are thinking about growing a beard – make sure you are doing it with the right principles in mind. It is important to remember that width isn’t necessarily as good as length, but at the same time you need a good volume to it. You must take care of your beard, moisturise and condition it to keep it looking good otherwise it is no better than the beard of a homeless person. It must be trimmed or shaved down regularly to keep it looking awesome. This next picture is a good guide for when your beard gets too big.


Where do you stand on the beard debate? Love them or hate them?