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A little slice of happiness that is brightening up my week

Me, Leanne and Rach at an Ibizan beach party

Me, Leanne and Rach at a beach party in Ibiza

As part of this fresh start I keep going on about, I am making it my business to really appreciate the things that make me happy and to make a point of remembering them. Some people have started those jar collections where they write down all the good memories, however small and seemingly insignificant, and put them in a jar to be brought out at the end of the year. A lovely idea, ┬ábut one I know I won’t keep up – especially when I have a blog to flick back through and see all my wonderful memories. Instead, I thought I would try to keep a note of the things that make me smile, so here are just some of the things that have brightened up my week so far.

  • Putting the biggest smile on my face is the thought of seeing both of my best friends this weekend, one now lives a few hours away and I haven’t seen her since Christmas so I am really excited to see her face and to catch up on everything.
  • A complete stranger told me how pretty I am – always nice to hear!
  • Yesterday, I was really shocked by someone’s actions, it doesn’t matter what they did, but it was a good surprise. It really is lovely when people catch you off-guard with good behaviour – reminds you there is good out there.
  • Having an evening at home to myself to spend blogging and reading with candles, chocolates and good music – just time by myself – much-needed!
  • Going for a lovely drive by myself with a great soundtrack in the beautiful sunshine on Sunday – perfect.
  • Having a huge download session and getting lots of great new music always puts a smile on my face – there really is nothing like a good soundtrack to your life.
  • The thought of a good gym session tonight – had an epic one at the weekend with lots of cardio that left me with jelly legs by the end – looking forward to another one tonight.
  • A new book arrived and I started it last night, it is helping my with my big plans for the future and puts an instant smile on my face just thinking about it – looking forward to doing more research tonight.
  • The reminder that it is just eight weeks until I jet off to visit my sister in The Big Apple!!
  • I’ve had a big smile on my face since spending the weekend with an amazing friend from university who I have only seen once since graduation. Catching up over a glass of wine was great and it reminded me that good friends are the sort that make you feel good about yourself.

It’s been a good week so far, at least better than the last two, and I’m appreciating that. The bigger stuff often takes over, but it can be good to look at and take note of the little things that get us through the harder days.

What amazing, lovely, kind, happy things have happened to you this week?