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Putting my organisational hat on

It’s been a bit of a miserable start to the year for me with feeling this ill, but I refuse to let it get me down any more. Instead, last night, I dug out the diary I bought a couple of weeks ago and have started to fill it with people’s birthdays, events and all the exciting things I have planned for the year ahead.

Now I have to admit, by this time last year, I already had tickets booked to a range of huge festivals both in the UK and abroad, I had booked a summer holiday, I had plans for a glamping trip with my girls and lots more family get-togethers and the like. But this year I have flatly refused to book or organise anything until 2014 had truly begun, I wanted to start the New Year with a clean slate and then make plans.

This is something I am still excited about and although I already have some ideas in mind about the extra-curricular activities that I would like to do this year, I have yet to set anything in stone. But as a taster, here is a list of some of the amazing things that have entered my daydreams and that I would love to do this summer:

  • Festivals – I’m hoping to squeeze in Secret Garden Party, Boomtown Fair, Shambala and Wyndstock this year, with possibilities of getting tickets to Glasto and Bestival as well – I dream big and want to take full advantage of my role as editor of the website by going to as many as possible. I’m even hoping I might get the chance to do another one abroad – perhaps Exit Festival combined with the anniversary festival in Montenegro.
  • Trips to London – my family will soon have the London flat and I plan on taking advantage of it by using it as much as possible to stay in while visiting the museums, markets, friends, Notting Hill Carnival and much more.
  • Uni reunions with the House of Boobs girls, I’m sad to be missing the first one in a few weeks time, but it can’t be helped because I promised another friend. I plan on fitting a lot more of these in this year to make up for it.
  • Trips to visit Rach at her new Oxford home, I miss my bestie a lot and felt terrible that I was just too busy to be able to fit in a visit late last year, but I definitely plan on squeezing a few in this year.
  • Couple time – me and Mark have already started thinking about some trips we can make just the two of us next year, we both realise that we didn’t spend enough time just the two of us this year so we plan to make up for it with a trip to Amsterdam in the spring, followed by a summer holiday and possibly a trip away next New Year to celebrate by ourselves.
  • I’m making sure that my mum and I fit in a few spa days and that as a family we have a few trips to London to visit the flat, but we may also fit in a trip to NYC to visit my sister if it fits with our plans and holiday time.
  • I’ve also already got a few tickets that were given to me as Christmas presents for comedians and gigs that I’m looking forward to going to.
  • And of course, I must mention the Irish wedding that is set to take place in a castle!

It sounds like a lot, but scattered throughout the year it keeps me nicely busy and I would rather be run off my feet than bored waiting for life to happen! I don’t plan on doing everything on this list, likewise, I might do other things that aren’t on the list, but it’s nice to have some ideas.

What have you got planned for the year ahead – do you make plans or are you more spontaneous?

Seeing out the old and partying into 2014


My New Year’s Eve was certainly not the best of recent years, not through any party problems, fights or anything like that, simply, I was ill and felt a bit rubbish. I was gutted to wake up feeling awful on Tuesday morning after shaking, shivering and sweating all the night before – it was horrible! I can cope with a regular cold, but this was a bit more than that. But I refused to let it get to me too much, I treated me and the boyfriend to two juicy steaks for tea which he cooked to absolute perfection for our last meal of 2013 and then after a rest I put some slap on and we headed round to a mate’s house for our annual NYE party.

Usually carnage, these parties have literally seen every type of crazy games, light shows, Chinese lanterns, alcohol, cocktails and of course, there’s been a couple of fights.. We always have so much fun and it is an amazing chance for us to get the whole gang together for a blowout with a few of us living away now. Last year’s party was organised by myself and the boyfriend when he was still living in the house with the others, Mark went all out and treated us to everything short of indoor fireworks and we had an amazing evening with a packed house of laughter and lots of shots. It was great! This year, the others had organised great decorations and even a party punch that was delicious, and a couple of games such as FlipCup – which was so much fun!

My team – The Blues – were the undisputed winners of the game which saw us drunkenly trying to flip cups off the table to land on the opposite side or even on top of another cup after shots, tricky but very fun! Then we joined in Twister while we were tied together in partners and I made it to the final with one other boy – pretty proud. ┬áThere was a lot of music, dancing, some funky laser lights and lots of good fun throughout the evening, all rounded up in the midnight kiss with everyone and the standard group hug.

It was another fantastic new year with great friends who I’ve shared amazing memories with this year, but sadly I had to leave a little earlier than usual because I was shattered and feeling a bit rubbish – for once I was the first to call it a night! I’m glad I did or I think I would have felt even worse yesterday and today than I have been feeling… But I’ve been well looked after by the boyfriend who dosed me up with painkillers and cuddles. I’m pretty excited about our promise to each other that next NYE will be spent just the two of us away somewhere, much as I love the huge parties, this year it was missing my two best friends who were also ill or living away and it was most definitely not the same. Next year I am looking forward to a cosy NYE in with a bottle of champagne and my favourite person.

How did everyone else spend their NYE? And who had the hangover from hell the next day?