A weekend of sunshine and skydiving in Norfolk

10259791_10152052007567617_3291112992051207503_nLast weekend, I headed out to UK Parachuting over at Beccles Airfield to watch a group of grown men fling themselves out of a plane and scream like little girls. What a way to spend a sunny day! It was such a random decision for all the boys to do a skydive, but after someone suggested it, they all decided they were up for it. Before we knew it, they were booked on it and a few weeks later, here we were!  It was a gorgeous summers day – the hottest we had seen yet in Norfolk – and everyone was out in the sunshine eating ice creams as they waited to be called up. I had firmly decided I wasn’t going to be taking my feet off the ground, but was more than happy to offer moral support and to video the boys (pictured above).

10371988_10152052008092617_4004815505940194698_nAfter they all signed in, we had to wait until their groups were called up. It was a busy day at the airfield, so we expected to be there a while. I just wished that I had been more prepared – others had brought chairs and picnics to enjoy, but we just hadn’t thought of that at all.

10363877_10152052008027617_3748810895108617275_n We made up for it with an ice cream and a sit on the benches, one of the boy had brought a Nerfball, luckily that was over quickly after one managed to hit me in the head with it (not amused). Thankfully, someone had a box of beers in the car to keep us entertained once the group had a brief safety session.

10345543_10152052007717617_724608603554442552_nDespite being told no-one would be called up for an hour and a half, someone soon came over and started yelling at us all (after only about 20 minutes) because we were all bring called. We headed back over to the hangar and the boys started suiting up. They had to put on these amazing jumpsuits – so flattering (not!). They did seem to suit some of them, but the others looked ridiculous and I took a lot of enjoyment out of this, especially the wonderful little hats as you can see in the above pictures. They were all harnessed up and strapped in – obviously this cued much groping of their “man-parts” which apparently were rather uncomfortable.10348316_10152052007797617_2935174272223610823_n

After this, there was a lot more waiting around, for which I was glad to be in a summer dress rather than these hot, sweaty little suits.While waiting, I’d clocked several charity groups, including The Matthew Project who had a vicar taking to the skies!

10313974_10152052007912617_6581314115251572621_nFinally, it was time, the first group of boys were called up to their plane after a brief safety session and they scooted in with their tandem divers. One of these skydivers had done over 10,000 jumps in his time! After a brief flight up, swooping over the airfield and looping round as they climbed higher and higher, the cage was slipped open. Those on the ground were all craning our necks and squinting into the sun to spot them as the first skydivers jumped out of the plane. It was an amazing sight to see these tiny dots grow larger and larger until their parachutes burst open. Some were allowed the grab the reins and you could see them swinging from side-to-side and doing loop-the-loops. They floated faster and faster towards the ground and swooped down, being told to raise their legs at the last minute as they bumped down on their bums – a funny old sight once you could see their facial expressions. Two planes later and they were all on the ground raving about it.

It really did sound like an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience – to get that incredible thrill would be just amazing and I definitely plan to do it in my lifetime. They all said I should have done it then, but I just didn’t want to spend £180 on it now when I could do it in New Zealand or somewhere next year instead. But it really did sound incredible and just what an amazing experience to fling yourself out of a plane and to float to the ground like that. The ultimate thrill. They were all so glad they had done it, with some even hoping to do the course to learn how to do it on your own! I know I didn’t do it myself, but if I were you, after seeing their reactions, I would definitely give it a go! I certainly plan to!

Have you been skydiving? What was it like for you?

12 responses to “A weekend of sunshine and skydiving in Norfolk

  1. This sounds amazing! I have wanted to go skydiving for years, it’s certainly on my bucket list 🙂 let us know what it feels like when you try it out, would love to hear all about your experience xx

    • Me too Jody – definitely have to do it after hearing all about it from my mates! I will definitely be writing all about it – what a great post for pics that would be! xxx

  2. Hahah fab post! What a random way to spend your day! Bet it was a lot of fun though. I’m like you, I’d rather keep my feet firmly on the ground thank you very much but my boyfriend’s always wanted to go skydiving… Eeek! Anything that involves throwing yourself from a ridiculous height is a no-no from me! xxx

    • Haha thanks! It really was so random, but such fun. Haha I don’t blame you, it definitely looked a bit scary. I was glad they were too high up for me to see the moment they jumped out! Ahh he should definitely do it and you should go watch, even if you don’t want to do it yourself, it’s amazing to watch them floating down like that! I definitely think I’d be doing a lot of screaming on the way down! xxx

  3. I’m still gathering the courage to Sky Dive :s!

    • Me too! Definitely wasn’t ready for it on that Saturday haha, think it will take a lot of nerve for me to do it but I am determined I will! Let me know how you get on if you beat me to it! xx

  4. I absolutely could never do this! I hate heights and think I would freeze at the vital moment… very dangerous!

    But I think a very sensible decision for you to save up your money and really go for it big style. That’ll make a wonderful post.

    • Aww one of my friends who did it said he found it really difficult when he jumped out to remember what to do with his arms and held them in the wrong position all the way down! They all said that they were glad to have an expert strapped to their backs, although as I said, a few want to do the course to learn to do it solo – not sure I’d ever be brave enough for that! I would definitely be distracted by a bird or something and faceplant the ground haha. Thanks Denise, really looking forward to it next year now 🙂

  5. I hope to have a go at it this summer. I tried to do it when I was in New Zealand but the weather didn’t allow us to go up on the days I was in Queenstown so it never happened. Fingers crossed I can make it happen this summer.

    • Oooh I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you Tanya – bet Queensland would be beautiful from the skies! I met someone at the weekend who had done it in Queensland and he said it was incredible – just stunning and he was so glad he waited to do it there 🙂 would love to see pics and read all about it when you do it! xxx

  6. As much as I am intrigued by sky diving it also scares me like crazy, looks like you guys had awesome fun.

    Meg | Meghan Silva’s Blog

    • I’m exactly the same Meg – would need to work up some serious courage to do it but after seeing the boys faces when they landed – I’m certain it would be worth it 🙂 Was a great day out! xx

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