Review: Getting a little scent-imental

photo_2 (1)Today, a little something new for the blog, just to keep you all on your toes. I adore scented candles, as I know many of my friends do, and knowing how difficult it is to find one with a delicious scent that isn’t too sickly or bitter, I wanted to share some of my recommendations with you guys. I stocked up last week after spotting Primark had a load of new candles for sale and in a range of gorgeous new scents. I’ve been waiting ages for them to restock these massive candles that take ages to burn away, and was so pleased to see a range of new fruity smells including red berries and orchid. I made sure to grab a large candle in this gorgeous scent and then stocked up on tea lights in all of the different options which included white jasmine and lily, and white vanilla and coconut.

photo_5I have always loved scented candles and the way they can take an ordinary bedroom and make it seem cosy and pretty. They are perfect after a long day at work, when you just fancy a chilled out evening and I often find that they help me to sleep, especially when they contain lavender. I always make sure I have a nice big candle on the go and already had a lovely one from Sainsbury’s in a glass jar that smelled of apple blossom and lotus – another combination of some of my favourite scents.

All of us have our favourite scents and whether you prefer something zingy and fresh, something flowery or something musky, there is a candle out there for all of us. For those who prefer something heavy, perfumed and musky, I can recommend the Jo Malone candles, which are gorgeous and lovely as a present, but I find them very overpriced for what they are. I do use my scented candles very often and find that the more expensive ones tend to burn down too quickly making them very bad value for money. Also lovely, and somewhat better priced, although still expensive, are the lovely Cowshed candles which are very luxurious with¬†100% natural wax made from organic, vegan ingredients. The scents are gorgeous and are lovely when you’ve slathered yourself with their body lotions as well. They are also rather lighter and more floral and natural than the Jo Malone ones.

photo_4 (1)I would actually recommend against spending the money on candles by Sanctuary Spa and Champneys, although their products are all gorgeous and such wonderful treats for your skin (always my favourites for presents) the candles didn’t actually smell very nice to me. Now I know that everyone will have differing tastes in candles and scents, and that some of you guys may really like these, but I was rather disappointed in the scents and was pleased I sniffed before I bought on this occasion, because they are rather expensive if you turn out to not really like them!

I would say that in my experience with various brands, Primark does seem to offer the best scented candles I have found. They are amazing value for money considering the rate at which they burn and they still have lovely aromas with a range of options so you are sure to find the perfect scent and type of candle for you. They offer them in large tinned candles, tea lights and glass jar candles which are perfect options for all the rooms in the house. I personally love the mini-scented tea lights because they are a perfect fit for all the tea light candle holders I have accumulated over the years. I have all shapes, sizes and designs thanks to mine and my mum’s obsession with them – the twinklier and the prettier the better!

photo_1 (1)

Is there a brand you would recommend for scented candles? What is your favourite scent?

2 responses to “Review: Getting a little scent-imental

  1. Ooo I do love a candle! I need to get myself to primey so I can stock up!

    • Make sure you do before they run out! It’s been ages since they last had scented candles in my one! I always buy in bulk now but must look like a madwoman walking out with so many candles! Haha x

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