Part 1 – Sightseeing in New York City

IMG_4961The trip continued with loads of sightseeing, shopping and exploring The Big Apple – some parts that we had visited before and others that we were discovering for the first time. My favourite was visiting the New York Public Library – somewhere we had walked past at night previously and been blown away by the majestic building, but had never been inside. This time I insisted I had to go and visit the books – just to say hi!IMG_4963It was one of the most beautiful buildings I have seen in the city and well worth a look inside, if you think the outside is stunning, you must see the entrance hall. This followed by a trip up the staircases, through the study rooms and into the main rooms which are lined with books and filled with those who are attempting to be dedicated to their studies while we all stare at them and wonder if they are really just on Facebook. IMG_4962I couldn’t resist picking up a few books and flicking through them. I just happened on a very strange section that seemed to combine food and fantasy with recipe books and food directories lined up next to the dictionary of imaginary places and books on fairies and how to find them (that’s the one I have in my hands).IMG_4966Outside, we caught a peek at the Empire State Building and had to grab a picture from a distance – we did the trip up to the top on our first visit so certainly didn’t want to hit the queues again, but you instantly remember the incredible views from the top. An amazing way to see the city and well worth doing, but once you’ve been in those queues once, you will not be doing it again!IMG_4965Around the corner, another of the city’s most majestic old buildings that really takes you back to times gone by when the city was filled with stunning pillared buildings like this, with ornate decoration instead of the metallic, shining skyscrapers. Grand Central Station is just such a lovely building, really magical and almost makes you wonder if another entrance to Platform 9 3/4 is waiting inside with the Hogwarts Express puffing out steam.IMG_4964I love standing inside and watching as New Yorkers bustle about to catch their trains, while tourists snap pictures and take in the beautiful arched roof decorated by star signs. My mum also mentioned reading about being able to whisper in one corner of the main room with another able to hear the whisper clearly from the other side of the building. We were keen to try but couldn’t work out where you were supposed to whisper!

Don’t forget to check out part two of my sightseeing pics tomorrow! In the meantime – Tell me about your favourite sight in New York below?


7 responses to “Part 1 – Sightseeing in New York City

  1. Great sightseeing trip! I love seeing the pictures and hearing about the places. I want to make a trip to New York City this summer.

    • Thanks Betty! Glad you liked it – these posts always give me a taste of a place and just make me want to hop on a plane! Hope you get a chance to go this summer as you’re a lot closer than I am – have you been before?

  2. Hey, I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award .
    Relly! xx

  3. swordfishradio

    Great article and photos Lucy. Thanks also for popping by and having a nosey at my stuff from ground zero. Would love to go back to NY, maybe a Summer trip next time as it was bloody cold when we were there last. Warm Regards, Martin.

    • Thanks Martin! It was great to see some other photos – we all focus on different things so always interesting. Same – I can never get enough of the city but definitely not as fun doing all the walking in the cold!

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