Hunks of meat and hot stuff

image (33)For those interested in something more substantial, what trip to the US would be complete without a big, fast, juicy steak? We found an incredible grill restaurant just opposite our hotel, sadly we saved it until the last night and only got to experience one of these amazing plates of meat. These steaks were just melt in your mouth, dribble down your chin good. So moist and juicy, barely any fat and simply not even comparable to the gristle you get in the UK. You could choose sides, so my mum and I chose mash potatoes and broccoli which we have always found to be our favourites after being served them everywhere in Florida with some amazing steaks. Astonishing to think, but when I met my boyfriend eight years ago, I was practically a vegetarian! Now I can’t imagine a life without a steak or a nice big burger. My sister gets a little grossed out watching us all eat steaks because she can’t deal with meat – she’s more of a tofu kind of girl, and after trying it while on holiday, I still don’t understand it (Sorry Laura!)

image (25)Laura also took us to a lovely Thai restaurant in Brooklyn after we made our way across the city in the rain with broken umbrella. Soggy and cold, we arrived and took in the menu – full of lovely hot curries to warm us up again. Plenty of wine and beer later, and I had chosen calamari with sweet chilli dip followed by a delicious Thai green curry with king prawns and coconut rice. It was absolutely lovely and well worth the trek to get there. The rest of the family had Pad Thai, Thai red curry and tofu curry.

image (26)More pictures and restaurant reviews to come in following posts with burgers and pasta dishes featured at some amazing restaurants!

8 responses to “Hunks of meat and hot stuff

  1. That looks so good. I identify with nearly being a vegetarian in the past – my family doesn’t have a great culture of good meat. Then I met my husband and his knowledge of a good local butcher and I’ve never looked back – there’s nothing like a perfectly cooked steak,

    • It really was! Nothing like a perfect steak is there? I find it so strange how our tastes can change so dramatically over time – my sister has gone the opposite way and barely eats meat now – she keeps trying to get me on the tofu! But not just meat – I now prefer savoury tastes to sweet when I used to be all about dessert, and I now prefer white wine to rose and can’t stand red wine.. Are there other things like these that have changed for you too?

      • I used to love dessert but now find too much sugar gives me a headache. I also found Chinese type vegetables (dark green, leafy) so bitter they made me feel sick. Now I relish them. Alcohol tastes have stayed the same funnily! I always liked spirits and beer best. Wine is OK but not my first choice.

      • See – so strange how our tastes change as we grow up isn’t it? Oooh I love any dark leafy vegetables – spinach and kale in particular we use a lot in my house – so tasty! Hmm maybe just me on the alcohol front, but I do wonder what I’ll end up liking in the future – I’m not very fussy about food and usually like most things or am willing to try, but I wonder if there are more things I like now that I won’t be able to stand in future or vice versa.. Are there any foods you really can’t stand at the moment that you think you might grow into? Strong blue cheeses is one for me, my mum loves them and she didn’t used to like them – I wonder if I might follow her changing tastes like I have with wine and might eventually love red wine as well..

      • PS Obviously not the alcohol as a child!

      • haha love the image of you with a bottle of beer in hand as a five-year-old!

  2. Oh man that steak looks sooo good. Haven’t had a good one in a long time and just looking at that thing is making me so envious…

    • Haha it really was the best steak I have ever had – I can’t let myself look at the picture because it makes my mouth water and steak just isn’t as good in the uk!

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