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fwb_frozen_20131127As a huge and lifelong Disney fan, there was a lot of pressure on to like their latest offering of Frozen after hearing all the hype about it. It’s all I’ve heard about on TV and in adverts at the cinema, on blogs and over the radio for weeks, and with Let It Go becoming an anthem, nobody has been safe from that famous chorus. The world of Disney on film seems to have become split over the years into two main types of story – there are the love stories, the tales of princesses and princes, of rescues from lonely towers from scary dragons or witches in Aladdin and Sleeping Beauty. Then there are those beloved stories that tell talesΒ of friendship, loyalty, family and love but in the form of animals or creatures – The Lion King or The Fox and the Hound. I was expecting Frozen to fall in the former category, not knowing much about the story but knowing there was a princess involved along the way, but was surprised to see that it actually seems to fall into a new class that is forming within the collection and following on from the release of Brave.

brave_disneyBoth films focus on familial relationships and the importance of the mother-daughter relationship or sisterhood and how these bonds are so much more important and powerful than any magic, whether good or evil. Possibly the beginning or a trend, this could be the dawn of a new era of Disney film which will take characters to new levels as different themes and stories are explored. It’s quite exciting when you think about it like this – we’ve gone from helpless princesses who need princes to rescue them to stories about strong female characters who have big attitudes and personalities, and who go on a journey to save another rather than just to find the man of their dreams. I know that there are still certain characters who are desperate to find love and that there are obvious gender stereotypes, but this shift in focus might be a step towards the future of Disney. Tangled is another great example of this trend.

I loved the soundtrack for the film, it really impressed me by being really easy to sing along with and remember, while in some of the more recent Disney films, like The Princess and the Frog, the tunes are funny, lively and catchy, but certainly less memorable. The story itself was very simple and predictable, which is just what you want with a Disney story but felt a little unfinished – there was never any explanation for why Elsa had this power but Anna had none. I think they could have gone into this a little bit more and cut back on some of the action, but the snow scenes and the section at Elsa’s Ice Palace are absolutely beautiful. It is such a novelty to watch a Disney film that is set in a snowy land after all of those set in lush woodland, the Arabian desert or under the sea.

Frozen_Olaf_EW_A.JPGAnother big love of mine in the film had to be the character of Olaf – he is just so sweet and loveable, you can’t help but laugh. It’s so nice to see that Disney have managed to live up to the other great supporting characters from over the years – often more memorable than the main characters. Think Timon & Pumba, Sebastian the crab of Mushu! But he keeps to the quirky, funny and cute requirements and plays a vital part in the story – you have to smile when his wish finally comes true thanks to Elsa. Between the sisters, I have to be honest and say I don’t hold much feeling for Anna – despite being a bit of a hero towards the end, her motivations early on in the film of being desperate to find love that she jumps into the arms of the first man who comes along make me rather sceptical of her character – I think perhaps she was a rather lazy characterisation and I don’t like that she is used to represent one half of the female characters. Elsa on the other hand is a strong character, stubborn and determined, she gives up her life to save her sister and family from her powers. She is likeable because she has experienced a real life, pain and struggle while Anna appears to flit around with no real clue about the world around her. After writing this, I came across a blog that the sisters, from a Freudian perspective, could be viewed as two fundamental aspects of the human psyche – such a interesting concept and well worth a read.Β Overall, Frozen is another cracker from Disney and I’m looking forward to the next one!

15 responses to “Film review – Frozen

  1. Fantastic review! You should definitely write more film reviews as you’re very very good at them! I loved Olaf too πŸ™‚ xx

  2. mariaelizabeth3295

    Great review of the film! I do love Frozen, but it does seem to have permeated every part of my life at the moment, people are obsessed! I agree with you about the soundtrack, I love the music as it’s a bit more modern and very easy to throw yourself into singing along! I would love to read more film reviews from you, you write very eloquently πŸ™‚ Maria Elizabeth x

    • Thanks Maria – such a lovely thing to say! I will definitely be writing more film reviews in future πŸ™‚ I know what you mean, everyone seems to be talking about it even though it has been out for ages now! Definitely shows the quality of it when it gets people talking this much. I’m going to have to download some of the songs for singing along to in my car πŸ™‚ xxx

      • mariaelizabeth3295

        I’ll be sure to read them! Oh my goodness singing along to disney songs whilst driving is just perfection, until you’re stopped at traffic lights and someone pulls up alongside you and silently stares and judges :p my favourite to play whilst driving is the Pirates of the Carribean theme song – sounds ridiculous and maybe I’m insane but it’s so fun to listen to as you drive! Maria Elizabeth x

      • Ahahaha I love when you pull up at the lights bellowing out the words!! So funny – there was a huge traffic jam near my home the other day and I walked past a woman in her car and she was giving her all to The Power Of Love – full blast. When she saw me looking she just carried on! Total commitment! hahah Ahhh that’s a good one – have never listened to that while driving but will have to download it and see πŸ˜› My mum got a Disney Princesses CD for the car years ago now – when me and my sister are in the car with her we always have a singing sesh – still know all the words and we even have different sections to the songs – is that a bit much? hahah xx

  3. mariaelizabeth3295

    Sounds like a woman who knows her priorities! I love seeing people getting into singing along, it’s kind of beautiful in a weird way, so raw! Haha you should, it seriously is great fun, especially when you’re driving down really hilly country lanes! That’s not a bit much at all, sounds fantastic, me and my friends do the same! “A Whole New World” is our current song of the moment :p Maria Elizabeth xx

    • You’re so right! I’m glad someone else understands! Haha A Whole New World is a brilliant one for singing along to – and The Little Mermaid – Part of Your World! Classic! πŸ’— xx

  4. I like your comparison of the characters and songs from so many great Disney movies – thanks for the review!

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  6. Nice job by this site owner, i just love these kind of sweet films….

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