The beauty of Norfolk in the sunshine

hunny 1For those who have been reading AbsolutelyLucy for a little while, you may remember a post I wrote back in January about the difficulties of high-school students and graduates living in small towns vs. cities – I looked at both the good and the bad points and came to a mixed conclusion. Check it out here. But I wanted to make sure that my readers understood quite how much I really do love Norfolk and how I actually think that growing up and living here has really helped me, both personally and career-wise.

I’m not going to go into loads of detail because I would be repeating much of the previous post. I just wanted to share some of the things I really love about this area because with the sun showing its face the last few weekends, I have really rediscovered the beauty of this wonderful county.

hunny 2 hunny 4If you’ve ever read my About page, you’ll have spotted the picture of my gorgeous little beach hut and will have read about how much I love it. With it comes a huge love of the beach, particularly, Old Hunstanton, which I believe is one of the most beautiful I have found in Norfolk. I know, I know, Holkham this and that, but as beautiful as it is, Holkham is a stunning landscape. It is not a beautiful beach with rolling sand dunes, miles of rock pools and beach huts scattered across the hills. That is my kind of beach – one that as a kid you could run about in all day and not run out of things to discover.

Have you got a favourite beach in Norfolk?

hunny 3If the beach is not for you, we’ve also got acres and acres of beautiful, rolling countryside and wide open spaces. Endless fields and beautiful villages filled with stone cottages and thatched roofs. There’s a castle just a few minute’s drive from my house and animals of all kinds filling the fields around us. Tell me that is not any child’s dream when growing up? I certainly loved growing up here and even now, although I love the cities as well, I couldn’t cope living too far away from Norfolk or somewhere similar. I made a few friends at the weekend when walking in the fields nearby my home.

rising 2 rising 1It’s just so beautiful here and you really do feel so free – I understand those who love the buzz of the city, but I prefer a little of both worlds. And I always find myself craving fresh air and plenty of space.

What’s your favourite part of Norfolk? Are you more of a a city-lover or country-retreat kind of person?

10 responses to “The beauty of Norfolk in the sunshine

  1. Great post and so true. When you live somewhere it’s really easy to forget how beautiful it is. When I lived in Sydney I had Australian friends who said they didn’t even notice the Opera House on their way in to work!
    We’re very lucky here and it’s nice to appreciate it x

    • Thanks Sara – it’s shocking how easily we become numb to our surroundings when they blend into our routine. I always love throwing my routine out the window and doing something new or seeing my surroundings in a different light so it is great that we are suddenly having all this sunny weather which is giving me the opportunity to get outside and enjoy it all! I hate the thought that you could become oblivious to something as incredible as the Opera House but we all do it all the time! Your travels must have really helped you to see Norfolk in a different light – time away always seems to make you appreciate the beauty of your home. I certainly did when I went to uni in Hatfield and was surrounded by motorway – I craved greenery! x

  2. I love Norfolk! I live in Suffolk, so not too far. I think Wells is my favourite beach 🙂
    Helen x

    • Hi Helen – yes not too far at all, always lovely to be close enough for a day trip to the beach 🙂 And I do love Wells – I love the little beach huts and the people all lined up along the front catching crabs – so cute! So hard to find such a traditional cute seaside town these days! xx

  3. Lovely post!

    I was born in Norfolk and grew up there, only leaving at 27 to move to London to experience life in a big city!

    Even when I lived in Norfolk I was so happy being there, I grew up in a small village on the Broads and never felt trapped, I enjoyed being there! In my 20s my friends and I would always jump in a car and travel about Norfolk enjoying the countryside, it’s a beautiful county, I love that it’s where I was born and I’d think nothing of maybe one day bringing up my own kids there.

    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos x

    • I’m so glad you like it Chloe! Ahh that sounds like the best of both worlds – you’re so lucky to have experienced both! Your life growing up here sounds similar to mine 🙂 And yes this really is the perfect place to bring up children, your children would be lucky to grow up the way we have. Thanks for your comments xxx

  4. Well, where do you start! I actually totally agree with you. When the sun is out and the tide is out, there really is no better place than Old Hunstanton Beach, or Wells or Holkham beaches. I think it’s the fact that the tide goes out for miles and miles, the skies are so huge and you’re just left with you, yourself and and your thoughts – or a dog or two of course!! And children if you feel like it! You can walk for miles and not see a sole.

    Or you could walk around one of the stately homes like Blickling Hall, with the stunning gardens and the sun shining on the lake or through the glass of the orangery and just wonder how on earth anyone could build something so incredibly beautiful. I could go on and on and on………..!

    • I don’t even know what to say Suzy – you took the words right out of my mouth! You’re so right about the vast emptiness – I guess Norfolk is just one of those places you can really get away from it all and really feel free. And yes Blickling Hall is beautiful, I love Oxburgh and Houghton Hall as well in the sunshine – just stunning! Thanks so much for your comments xx

  5. Beautiful post. I grew up in Bury, and although it isn’t Norfolk, sunny Suffolk was the same to me as you describe (except swap woods for beaches). I loved being a kid with a river and a patch of woods outside my back garden, surrounded by fields of wheat – gorgeous in sunny summer evenings. Then as I became a teen I adored the 20 minute walk to the town centre past pretty houses, and exploring the town. The summers really stick in my mind – I often took my bike out on the country roads to the nearby villages. If you can’t tell, I’m a bit nostalgic about it 🙂

    I left Bury for Warwick University, then moved up to Edinburgh for my MSc, where I subsequently met my wife and have stuck here ever since. Edinburgh is very nice, and the Scottish landscapes are beautiful, but after 20 years I still often think of Suffolk. I named my computer at work “suffolk”, and a few months ago I was even considering incorporating a wheat field motif into my art signature: Bury shall always be my hometown, Suffolk my home county that I get excited by when I see it on TV. It had that effect on me, as I’m sure Suffolk’s sister county Norfolk has for you. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to revel in my memories!

    • Thanks Tim – I’m so glad you were lucky enough to grow up somewhere equally beautiful. Really is the way a childhood should be isn’t it? Much better than concrete and one-way-systems! Edinburgh does look very beautiful from pictures – I would love to go, it’s on the list! I think our homes always stay with us, no matter where we end up. I guess it’s the first place we become really attached to, and often we don’t realise the value and beauty of them until we leave. I’m so glad you have so many happy memories and thank you for sharing them!

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