How Miles Jupp put me off kids for a very long time…

miles-jupp-285b-lst037822I’ll be honest, I don’t often get excited about seeing comedians, rather I tend to go along with little to no expectations but I think this is by far the best way to see them. With so many different styles of comedy, and now with so many panel shows and “Live at the Apollo” types where you get to see snippets of their acts beforehand – it is all too easy to form an opinion of the comedian, and their act, without any real idea of what they do. However, going to see comedians hit the stages in my home town can often backfire slightly because I end up having to write stories about them before they arrive, giving me insight into their style and jokes.

Friday night saw me heading to the Arts Centre to watch Miles Jupp (the tickets were a Christmas present) after already having written a story earlier in the week about his work. I was left intrigued to say the least, having not previously seen many, if any, of his television appearances and realising that not only was he a multi-award-winning comedian, but that he had actually sold out the venue and several others along his tour. I was impressed and curious to know just how he would be entertaining the crowd that night, particularly after being told he focuses on everything from domestic imprisonment, fatherhood and hot drinks, to the government, the ageing process and other people’s pants!

We arrived a little early to meet the others for a drink and found out that Miles was running late and was stuck in traffic – we hoped he would make it on time, but mentally I was running over all the cracker jokes I learnt at Christmas just in case. Thankfully he made it on time and the show actually only started a minute late, but it was worth that short wait and he more than made up for it with a fantastic show. I will dive right in now and state that Jupp was officially the best comedian I have seen live in Lynn, and I have seen quite a few over  the years. His first half was brilliant, focusing on life through the eyes of a parent to FOUR children, all aged under four!! His stories about dealing with local youths, his dishwasher and his family life had the audience in fits of laughter throughout. As probably the only two in the audience without children, we watched on and laughed partly through horror at some of his tales about dealing with having four children and all so young. Certainly put me off a) having so many and b) having any number of kiddies any time soon!

After a quick break for ice cream and people-watching in the audience, it was time for round two which was just as good. I often find when watching comedians that the second half tends to drag slightly – usually the theatre is too warm, the seat is too hard, there is someone coughing behind me or I’m just waiting for that big last punchline. This was possibly the first time that none of these things have bothered me. Jupp’s fast-paced comedy, and equally fast-paced speech, kept me hanging on his every word, often taking a second to catch up with the punchline while he had already moved on to the next quip. I loved his observations of real life and his way of taking something so simple (like the previously mentioned dishwasher) and turning it into something truly dramatic and hilarious. I’m not one for spoilers, and certainly don’t want to ruin the show for those yet to see it, but his big finish was a side-splitter and saw him finish to riotous applause from the audience who had been hanging on his every word from the second he walked on stage.

I was very impressed with his set and would really recommend you get along to one of his shows if you can, or check out some of his TV appearances. Click here to go to his website. 

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