A pretty sweet feeling when you get Liebstered!


It’s a good feeling when you work hard at something and after months of pouring your heart and soul into it, you finally see it all start to pay off. Us bloggers give up hours of our free time to create our own personalised part of the internet for our readers to enjoy. We try to entertain with our own ridiculous experiences of day-to-day life, to advise on the best lipstick or which theatre show to see, and we try to put our own stamp on everything we post. It’s hard work, but for many, luckily I am among these, it doesn’t feel like work because we genuinely love every second. It is a passion to write and publish so we give up our spare time and we give up our freedom of thought, because from the moment you start up you are in ‘blog mode’ – constantly on the hunt for new post inspiration. So when your fellow bloggers, some of whom have been at it for far longer and with far more readers than yourself, start to notice your posts, to get involved by commenting and stirring up discussion, and even by nominating your for awards – it is a pretty incredible feeling.

This post is a thank you to the wonderful JordanLeighFash, whose blog teases us with her travel adventures and makes us long to catch a flight – I particularly enjoyed her recent posts on Italy. I was amazed and honoured to be first on her list to be nominated for The Liebster Award – my third nomination in two weeks! The Liebster Award gives bloggers with smaller readerships the opportunity to nominate others with small followings as recognition for their writing.

So here are my 11 random facts:

  1. I have a serious craving for big, fluffy American pancakes with blueberries and maple syrup at the moment – luckily I’m off to New York soon so can fill my boots.
  2. I used to love going to Brownies and every time we sang the song “Brown Girl in the Ring” I used to go stand in the middle of the circle – haha bit racist now but I loved it at the time. I also filled my entire sash with badges and led the Sprites.
  3. One of my favourite programmes on TV right now is BBC1’s Death in Paradise – I love Kris Marshall (and before him Ben Miller) and it is such a funny, light and interesting show with such a beautiful backdrop.
  4. I used to work as a Shakette in a milkshake shop and absolutely hated my job, I used to take great pleasure in sneaking protein and bran powder into the gross, cake-laden milky drinks of unsuspecting customers.
  5. I adore products, face masks, pampering and spa days – not really a random fact, but made more so by the fact that I also love muddy assault courses, sweaty workouts and camping at festivals. I find they work together well.
  6. My favourite cocktail is a Pornstar Martini – I just love passion fruit with a side of fizz!
  7. When I met my boyfriend eight years ago, I was pretty much a teetotal vegetarian, now I can’t imagine life without a big glass of wine and a huge steak.
  8. I am always taking photos – I used to be that annoying person on nights out who always had a camera and caught every moment on film – the more embarrassing the better! Now I manage to hold back a bit, but I am always trying to capture the memories – that’s what this blog is all about really.
  9. When I’m getting ready for work in the morning, Charmed is always on and I always wish that I had the power to orb or blow things up – a bit of witch would be great.
  10. My dream job would be working for myself as a travel blogger/writer or for a major or boutique festival somewhere in the world – organising all those crazy things that blow your mind at the events.
  11. I absolutely adore smoky smells – candles, BBQs and bonfires smell delicious – fags on the other hand, yeeuck.


  • Describe yourself in three hash tags.

#Organised #Impatient #Adventurous

  • What is your Plan B?

I don’t have a Plan B – just lots of Plan A’s. I refuse to settle for any less than my dreams, luckily I have quite a few of them and would be happy with any of them, so I won’t feel like I’m missing out if one doesn’t pan out. I’m the sort of person that puts all of my energies into something when I love it and want it, so there isn’t really space for a back-up plan. I would say at the moment my two main Plan A’s (as mentioned in the Random Facts) are to get into travel blogging/writing and festival work.

  • If you could be one age forever, what age would you be and why?

Hmm.. if you had asked me a couple of years ago I might have said 18, or 21 – the times when I had so much right in front of me. But to be honest, 23 has been pretty amazing. There have been hard bits as well, but it has brought me to an incredible place in my life and I have so much left ahead of me. Obviously it would be lovely to go back to a time of innocence, like when I was five, but I’m pretty happy with how things have panned out up to now. However, I’m not sure I would like to stay one age forever – I love that I am constantly changing, evolving and progressing through life and hate staying in the same place for too long.

  • Who would you like to invite to your dinner party and almost as important, what would you be eating?

I would absolutely have to invite George Orwell, Margaret Atwood and Justin Cronin for a good literature discussion. Paloma Faith for a good chat and some after-dinner entertainment, plus she could lend me a fabulous outfit, and I would love to meet Rosa Parks and Emily Dickinson to see what they make of today’s society. And last, but by no means least, the incredible David Attenborough. We would have either an Italian or Indian feast with all the sides, extras and wine.

  • Favourite childhood memory?

I will always remember being woken up in the early hours by my mum and dad saying we were going on a trip and we had to guess where – they had mixed up the letters to Disneyland Paris in a card to me and my sister and we had to work it out. When we realised where we were going, our first worry was “What about Brownies?!” An amazing holiday and such an exciting surprise.

  • What can you not leave the house without?

My phone – it has all my contacts, my diary, my blog access, my social media, my banking – absolutely everything I need.

  • When do you feel your bravest?

I’m lucky to feel brave every day – when you are surrounded by friends and family who love you and support you, and you constantly put yourself out there by having your writing published, you become used to sticking your neck out and it seems like less of a big deal. But I think the time when I feel bravest is when I make a big decision that I have been struggling with for a while, even if it is not the decision I thought I would make and it might be harder, it is a brave moment.

  • If you could walk in their shoes for one day and see the places and people they would encounter, who would you pick and why?

It would be a toss up between two types of people and I just can’t decide. Either someone like Beyonce (whose life is amazing I’m sure) or Obama where I would be meeting incredible people I have only ever seen on the news or in magazines. However, while this would be amazing, I think it would be more enlightening and more of a profound experience to see the world through a homeless person’s eyes for the day. To sit on a raggedy blanket on the street watching office workers go by avoiding your gaze. I think this would be incredibly humbling and would have a big effect on the way you live your own life when you return to it.

  • Finish this sentence: If no one was watching I would…

Go to the supermarket and play Supermarket Sweep with other customers – stealing their trolleys and filling them with top items – haha.

  • Most importantly, why did you start writing/creating your blog?

It was something I had been thinking about for a really long time while having a Tumblr account and I was invited as a writer to attend a bloggers event – it was then that I decided to set up a proper blog and to really work on creating something special all for myself – just amazing now that people are recognising it as well.

Once again a HUGE thank you to Jordan for this lovely nomination – this time I won’t be nominating anyone, but simply because I have already nominated so many blogs as a result of being nominated so many times over the last couple of weeks. If you would like to check it out some of the blogs I have previously nominated – click here.

2 responses to “A pretty sweet feeling when you get Liebstered!

  1. jordanleighfash

    Loved reading your answers Lucy! You’re so creative and honest, really have enjoyed your blog! And you were so sweet, thank you so much! XO

    • Thanks lovely – great questions! And thanks again for the nomination – really meant a lot 🙂 love reading your blog so it means even more to get the nomination xxx

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