Frozen bubbles and the beauty of the snow

Photo by Adam Rifkin

Photo by Adam Rifkin

I hadn’t planned to post today, but then I spotted this link on Facebook and just couldn’t resist sharing it with you guys. These bubbles look so beautiful and I definitely want to try this myself when the weather gets colder. Although I will always be a summer baby, I can’t help but love the snow and the cold – it gives us the perfect opportunity to hibernate and to get all cosy with hot chocolates. Plus it is just so beautiful to see snow covering the empty fields in Norfolk, completely untouched. I love seeing frost sparkling on the grass and crisp frozen rain on the branches of the trees.

My sister flew over to New York yesterday where she will be studying abroad for a few months for her fashion degree. She was all prepared for the extreme cold and wrapped up warm, but arrived to find that it wasn’t actually even that cold – she doesn’t even think it is cold enough for gloves! On another note, I really love seeing all those people on the news who are throwing boiling water for it to turn into snow – I know that the weather has caused deaths over there and I am not brushing over that fact, simply trying to see the best in the weather situation and to find some beauty in it.

Here is the link to the piece about how to make the bubbles freeze – I will definitely be trying this!

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