Christmas hangover cures – for the morning after the night before

We all know that overindulgence is the motto for the festive period and with it being all too difficult to turn down meals out, parties and of course, those Christmas drinks with everyone you have ever met – it is inevitable that you will be battling some mega hangovers over the next couple of weeks. And with New Year’s Eve right around the corner, I know I’m already anticipating the monster hangover for New Year’s Day! But with so much else to enjoy this Christmas, from unwrapping presents, to rustling up Christmas dinner, you don’t want your stomach in knots as you regret every last cocktail from the night before. So what are the best hangover cures?

Now, everyone has their own way of dealing with hangovers, from Samuel Benedict inventing Eggs Benedict as the ultimate hangover cure, to boiled tripe in greasy, salty soup with garlic and cream, as recommended by the Romanians, Mexicans and Turks. Don’t forget the cowboys from the old west, who countered the effects of too much whiskey with rabbit-dropping tea, or Sicilians, who go for a dried bull’s penis. Yuck. Well I asked some of my friends and this was the list that they came up with of the best ways of dealing with a hangover:

  • The first, slightly unrealistic one, was don’t drink. Prevention is better than the cure. But let’s be honest, it’s just not  that easy! So make sure you eat plenty as well – it helps soak up the booze, especially if you eat proper meals rather than a greasy kebab on the way home, plus you won’t feel half as rubbish without that gunk in you.
  • Drink a glass of milk before you head out on the lash – apparently the milk coats your stomach and slows down the effects of the alcohol and the rate it is absorbed into your stomach – hopefully making you feel less sick the next day.
  • Avoid the dark coloured drinks, red wine, port and brandy get you drunker and last for longer – don’t ask me the science behind it but they have something in them that is lacking in white wine, vodka and rum, although if you are walloping the shots down, don’t be surprised if it hits you just the same.
  • Wonder why you have a splitting headache the day after a night on the town? You’re seriously dehydrated! Alcohol dries you out, so try drinking lots of squash and water, have a pint before you go to bed and it really does make all the difference. Always drink a pint of water before hitting the headache tablets because you might find it completely pointless to take any.
  • Actually, if you can’t make yourself neck a water before bed, try some orange juice – apparently it speeds up the liver in getting rid of the booze from your body. If that fails, try a bit of toast to help soak some of it up.
  • Some people do the old raw egg before bed trick – I’m not sure what th heck it does but the very thought makes me want to be sick so I think I’ll leave that one well alone…
  • The next morning, I’d say avoid the fry-up you’re craving, or that greasy McDonald’s breakfast and go for poached eggs on toast – it’s a hell of a lot better for you, you still get that protein and fat hit, but it won’t leave you slumped around feeling bloated and gross all the next day.
  • Sex – it’s a great hangover cure – it makes you feel instantly better AND helps sweat out some of the alcohol, plus you build up an appetite for breakfast.
  • My favourite one – fresh air! My response to a hangover is to head to the gym or out in the cold for a long walk. It’s always the last thing I fancy, but it really does help blow the cobwebs away and to take your mind off how you’re feeling. Plus by the time you get home dinner will be on the table and you’ll be about ready for it!


4 responses to “Christmas hangover cures – for the morning after the night before

  1. Awesome tips! I think it’s so easy to wallow in your hangover and mope around all day, but it really does help to get outside and workout a bit.

    • Thanks! Definitely, I always feel better after some fresh air and it’s really not fair to be a misery guts and ruin other peoples’ day just because you’re hungover! Xx

  2. Water is the saviour! Last thing at night and first thing in the morning. It’s only when I don’t drink it that I feel awful. Apparently bananas are good too 🙂

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