10 foods it simply wouldn’t be Christmas without

I absolutely love my food. Ask anyone and they’ll be horrified by the amount I can put away, but I just can’t get enough. There are so many tastes out there in the world, and just not enough time to try them all. I pride myself on having a sensitive palate and loving fine foods, but also being able to appreciate greasy takeaways every now and again. Christmas is one of those times when my tongue goes into overdrive and I am already fizzing with excitement over all the gorgeous meats, cheeses, desserts, puddings and wines that are awaiting me. Here are just some of the foods I can’t live without this festive period:

  1. Turkey/Beef/Lamb – my top Christmas meats always have to be on the table, whether just the one or a couple together, it is important that we have the rich tastes of these gorgeous meats as opposed to a simple chicken roast. This is a time for indulgence.
  2. Mince Pies – so important that these are home made and of puff pastry so they melt in your mouth. Making them yourself adds to the Christmas spirit and is so simple and fun, check my earlier posts for a great recipe!
  3. Christmas Cake – for the first year we are having a home made cake by my mum’s fair hand and I am so excited to try it – I will be decorating it myself next weekend.
  4. Christmas Pudding – also very necessary and this year I am looking forward to a gourmet one made by chefs going through formal training with aspirations of Michelin Stars, so it better be good! Always with cream or brandy butter, never custard.
  5. Cheese and Biscuits – always love a fabulous selection of rich and tasty cheeses to nibble on in the evenings with a glass of wine – I particularly love brie, roule and Wensleydale with cranberries.
  6. Biriyani – although not really seen at a British Christmas, it is a huge part of our celebrations – normalcy eaten on Boxing Day with perhaps a Calier on New Years Day. It reminds us of all our family stretched across the globe and is a delicious break from the roast!
  7. Mulled Wine – it isn’t Christmas until I’ve had a cheeky mulled wine. It really gets me in the festive mood and is a great way to drink your wine while keeping toasty on chilly winter nights. Hot mulled cider also does the trick!
  8. Satsumas – not quite as filling as all the rest, but when you’ve been stuffing your face with treats, it’s nice to eat something refreshing, and with all those winter bugs around it can only help keep the germs at bay.
  9. Smoked Salmon – a rare treat, I love it on Ritz crackers with cream cheese. Such a simple, small but highly addictive treat and its often not long until it is all gone!
  10. Chocolate! Of course, it’s never long until the advent calendar chocolates are gone, the tubs of Quality Street and Celebrations are empty and that chocolate reindeer is missing his head – it wouldn’t be Christmas without ridiculous amounts of chocolate. Just don’t forget the chocolates hanging on the tree!

Well, my mouth is officially watering. I hope yours is too! Enjoy all the lovely foods this Christmas and New Year.

4 responses to “10 foods it simply wouldn’t be Christmas without

  1. Where are the sprouts and bread sauce? Chestnut stuffing and cranberry sauce? Not enough room I guess. šŸŽ„

    • haha much as I love them – they’re not in my must haves! We don’t usually have cranberry sauce or bread sauce, we have leek sauce instead.. and we don’t always have sprouts, we vary the veg each year! Sorry! I’m sure everyone’s must have list is slightly different! haha xx

  2. My mam always puts satsumas out in a bowl. I usually eat the chocolate instead… but maybe I should start eating them as a break from the over indulgence, as you say

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