I’m sorry, but I don’t accept your apology…


Okay, that’s it. I’ve had enough. And I’m not sorry that I’ve had enough! There are too many people in the world who spend their lives apologising for every move, whether the apology is justified or not. It is crazy and I’m sick of hearing the words – they become completely meaningless if you say them with every sentence you utter! Before anyone leaps down my throat, think about it. Think about those people, we all know at least one, who apologies for every move they make. Whose natural instinct is to apologise before they even know what you are asking – before they even know if anything is wrong! Those people drive me crazy. If you are going to do anything, or have an opinion about anything in this world, you sure as hell need to stand up for it and make it heard. Not spend ages making your point and then finish with an apology!

When I was in high school, I remember a girl who used to exactly this. She would apologise ALL the time. She would apologise if she didn’t hear you, if she failed to understand, if you asked her opinion, if she had to go to the loo, if she breathed… I even remember one time when someone accidentally spilt a drink on her and she ended up apologising to them! It drove me crazy because you wanted her to have the courage of her convictions, but there was nothing we could do to stop her. I hope that eventually she found a way to be brave and state her thoughts or to act without apology, to finally be free of feeling like she had to apologise for existing.

I thought when I moved on from high school and lost contact with her that I would be free of the sorry curse, but in a later job I came across another person who does the exact same but even more annoying because she is opinionated as well. While a perfectly nice girl, she is one of these people who likes to get involved in everything and has an opinion on everything. If you breathe, eat or speak she has to be involved, which I have no problem with because I know to an extent we share many of the same qualities, which actually qualified us for the job. But it is the fact that she spends half her time apologising for her opinions while remaining stubborn about them. She apologises for blowing her nose, for her food, for everything she ever does. When people ring up at work she starts apologising before they have even spoken – whether they are complaining or happy about something! It’s ludicrous. There have been several times when she has argued a point until she is blue in the face, someone will point out that she is wrong and she will apologise but still refuse to give in – it just makes no sense.

The word ‘sorry’ is a powerful one that can have an enormous effect or it can be overused and become meaningless. In this case it just becomes meaningless because of the sheer amount she uses it when she clearly doesn’t mean it. The word ‘sorry’ can be incredibly powerful in changing people’s moods, minds and even changing history, it is not something that should be bandied about. As a journalist, blogger and former English student, you realise the importance and gravitas of each word and understand they should be used to their advantage in everyday life. I hate the lack of confidence that comes with the overuse of ‘sorry’ – be brave and embrace your opinions and beliefs. Don’t ever apologise for an idea or well-thought out argument unless you change your mind or realise you are wrong. It devalues everything you say in future.

Surely I’m not the only person out there who feels this way – How do you guys deal with over apologisers? Or are you one who wants to change your ways?


2 responses to “I’m sorry, but I don’t accept your apology…

  1. This is so true Luce! My best friend at KES used to apologise for eeeverything, and I nagged her each time until she stopped. It’s such a bad trait and shows a lack of confidence. One sorry I do really like is one I found in America – a lot of sorority girls say, “sorry I’m not sorry” which I think is really sassy and funny.

    • Ahh I know it is so annoying – but I love that sorority girls one – that’s more my style! Haha maybe I’ll tell the girl at work to try that one instead…

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