Something smells good…

Chorizo and Broad Bean Risotto

This Friday, I’m planning on trying out another delicious risotto recipe, this time cooking for the boyfriend and his new housemate to break in the oven at their new house. Looking forward to this one, think I may enjoy it even more than the mushroom and blue cheese recipe I used before because it will have a more spicy and exotic taste. I love using chorizo in meals and letting other items cook in the oils and I love the use of broad beans in the recipe. I think I might edit the recipe slightly by using pancetta instead of just bacon, melting in some Mexicana cheese and possibly adding some wine – I loved the white wine undertones to the previous dish I made.

Can’t wait to taste it! Click on the picture to read the recipe in full.

Has anyone got any risotto recipes that they love? I’d love some contenders for my next try!

2 responses to “Something smells good…

  1. Those ingredients sound so divine!!

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