My favourite Halloween costumes..

I am a BIG lover of Halloween and always have been – from dressing up as a witch for Brownies in a bin liner, to scary masks and crazy make-up – I love it all! Sadly, I don’t very often get the opportunity to dress up and really enjoy it because a lot of the time other people don’t really join in. I love it when we get a group together and we all dress up – it really makes it so much more fun.

Zoe Smith, Mark Wolverson, myself, Leanne Clark and Chris Friend

This is a pic years ago when we all dressed up and headed into town, fairly predictable costumes with me as Catwoman and my best friend as a Devil, but I seriously loved the effort Chris went to with his Joker make-up and outfit. It was seriously scary when he sat in the back of my car and I looked in the rear view mirror!

Michelle Brook, Serena Savage and myself

And my first year of university when me and the girls went to stay at Michelle’s for a Halloween house party. This year I went for Batwoman, while Michelle was a Devil and Serena was a Dark Angel. Costumes were a last minute thing here so we had to make do with what we had!

Pumpkins made by, clockwise from top left, Serena, Me, Michelle, Stav

In my final year of university, me and the girls went all out – we carved pumkins (as above) and decorated the house from top to bottom with fake blood, cobwebs (to go with the real ones) ghosts, lights and plenty more. It looked amazing! Then we had a fancy dress party with all of our friends before we headed to Forum for a massive night out. This year, we went for matching costumes as the House of Boobs girls – we found the cutest skeleton costumes!

From left, Katie, Serena, Michelle and me

Our friends also went for some fantastic costumes with zombie schoolgirls, the Incredible Hulks/Zombies, crazy cats and plenty more!

From left, Hannah, Claire, Cara and Kirsty


From left, Martin, Oliver, Jake, Dom, Sal and Charlie

And my amazing friend Stav, who spent a good hour trying to put these creepy contact lenses in and then realised she could barely see past them and was blind for the night!


Man I love Halloween, just wish I was having a party or something this year to celebrate! I’m just glad I at least had the zombie run at the weekend. How’s everyone else celebrating?


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